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Jute Cloth Craft : How to Make DIY Wall Organizer from Cardboard and Jute Cloth?

Is your table in a mess? Looking for some fancy organizers that can be placed on the walls against the table to keep it clean and make the required stationery items handy? Wait! You don’t need to visit the stores to look for an expensive organizer as you can make one for your walls on your own.

Yes, counted among one of the amazing best out of waste craft ideas,you can make this craft merely by using a cardboard and jute cloth.

Things you need:

  • 2 Cardboard pieces
  • Jute cloth
  • Printed Sheets
  • Jute Cloth
  • 2 Hooks
  • Marker, cutter and scale
  • Glue and stapler


  • Take cardboard, marker, scale,and Take one cardboard and cut out a slanted piece from the cardboard. Again, mark a triangle on the same cardboard piece and cut it out using a cutter. This would be the sides of the wall organizer.

  • With the measurement of the side (width), cut a cardboard strip of the same size.Take the rectangular cardboard and the side angles. Apply glue and stick the cardboard together to make the organizer.

  • Now take some printed sheets. Cover the organizer from inside first folding the borders on the outer side. Then cover the organizer from the outer side.

  • Now take jute cloth. Fold the cloth from the sides to bind it using a stapler.

  • Apply glue on the lower side of the jute cloth and stick it on the organizer, front side. Also, stick the inner side of the folded jute cloth on the organizer sides. This would become an external pouch for the organizer.

  • Take two hooks and stick them on the back of the organizer using some glue at a particular

So, your wall organizer is ready to use. Isn’t it too easy and quick to make! Such wall organizers can be used the opposite to the tables or even in the bathrooms for keeping various accessories. You can also make it according to the size you are looking for.


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