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How to Make a DIY Unique Heart Shaped Jute Purse?

Watch Making of this Heart Shaped Jute Purse

Valentine’s day is a special occasion and everything should be special about this day. Exchanging gifts is a common habit during this time. Now in that case why not make something special for your lady love. Yes. You heard it right!

Here we are going to make a very unique heart shape jute purse which not only looks beautiful but it can be used to carry essential things in it as well. It is both useful and decorative.

Things Needed to Make this Heart Shaped Purse

  • Color Sheets
  • Pencil
  • Cutter
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • Plain Paper
  • Jute Cloth
  • Fevibond
  • Cello Tape
  • Zip
  • Glitter Sheets


Step 1: Let’s take a color paper and cut out 5.5-inch square piece from it.

Step 2: Now fold this piece and draw a heart shape on it. Cut it.

Step 3: Draw and cut out similar heart shapes from cardboard piece. We need multiple such heart shapes for the craft.

Step 4: Use cello tape pieces to join the heart shapes together.

Step 5: Now cut two heart shapes from plain paper and stick it on the upper and lower cardboard pieces.

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Step 6: Stick some more pieces of plain paper around the heart shape arrangement for extra support.

Step 7: Now remove the cello tape and the white paper heart shapes.

Step 8: Stick jute cloth to these white paper shapes using fevibond.

Step 9: Cut out the jute cloth in the shape of the heart and cut out extra portions of it.

Step 10: Now again using cello tape paste these cloth heart shapes to the cardboard.

Step 11: Cut out 2 long strips from the jute cloth.

Step 12: Stick these strips at the edges of the zip.

Step 13: Make small cuttings on this jute cloth.

Step 14: Paste this arrangement on the borders of the heart shape design.

Step 15: Now stick jute cloth at one edge of the heart shape purse.

Step 16: Cut out two jute clothe heart shapes and paste it on both the sides of the purse covering the white sheet.

Step 17: Now cut two heart shapes from glitter paper.

Step 18: Paste these heart shapes on either side of the purse to give it a beautiful look.

Step 19: Now remove the cardboard arrangement from inside the purse.

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Wow! Your beautiful heart shape purse is now ready.

This is a heart shape purse that is very unique. You can keep some chocolates or any fancy jewelry and gift it on valentine’s day. Also, you can use it own your own to store some essential stuffs. It is easy to make and looks very unique in its own way.

Hope you will enjoy making this craft. Please do not forget to share your feedback and experiences in the comment section.

Happy Crafting!

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