Easy DIY Girl’s Craft : How To Make Pretty Stocking Flower Tiara!


Step 8: Now take the measurement of the crown area of the wearer of the tiara, and shape the craft wire accordingly.


Step 9: Now, take the stocking flowers and wrap and wind the stem of the flowers around the crown’s craft wire.


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Step 10: Take the craft wire and make loops with it like you did for the stocking flowers.

Step 11: Make multiple petals with blue colour stockings, like the ones made earlier.


Step 12: Wrap and attach these blue petals to the tiara’s craft wire.


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Step 13: Now wrap and cover the entire crown with green tape.


Step 14: Add some sparkle with decorative stones in between the blue petals.


There you have it girls! Adorn the bohemian look and attend your beach party in style, while you flaunt your very own Easy DIY Stocking Flower Tiara. This Stocking flower tiara also works wonderfully as a princess crown for your little girl’s school craft project idea. Look pretty and ultra glam with this easy Do It Yourself craft idea of a DIY flower headband.

Do you have a new take on how to make a flower headband? Share it with us! We would love to see you try out our crafts!

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